‘Nirman’ in Hindi means ‘creating something new”. It is indeed the creation of something new and unique that drives us here at Nirman Foundation. The driving force behind any non profit organization is to change the world for a better. But we are not merely content with changing the world. We want to help shape and create a new one.

Whether through improving quality of life through better sanitation and hygiene practices, ensuring access to education and safe drinking water, or through raising awareness on social ills like child abuse, we at Nirman Foundation believe in creating a new world. A world filled with hope and possibilities, where empowerment and potential triumph over helplessness and despair.

Through our various activities and campaigns, we at Nirman Foundation believe in the power of change through communication, through empowerment and through collaboration. Come, be part of that journey with us.


Menstrual Hygiene Management Programme For Adolscent Girls And Women In Schools: Under The CSR Initiative of Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. (A Government Of India Enterprise)

Good menstrual hygiene is crucial for the health, education, and dignity of girls and women. This is an important sanitation issue which has long been in the closet and there is an urgent need to address the issues in school and community level. With the financial support of Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd, we implemented the Menstrual Hygiene Management Program including installation of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Incinerator in four Schools of Kolkata area to address this key issues “Menstrual Hygiene”. This Program was implemented in 4- different schools (name as mentioned below) in 4-different convenient dates after discussion with school Headmasters/ Headmistress and school authorities. Kumar Ashutosh Institution for Girls ( HS)– Dumdum, Dist. North 24 Parganas Thakurpurkur Brahmachari P.K.Vidaymandir ( HS)- Thakurpukur, Dist. South 24 Parganas Barisha Purbapara High School (HS), Barisha, Dist. South 24 Parganas Barisha Girls’ High School ( HS), Barisha, Dist. South 24 Parganas   Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines was installed in each of the 4-school. Children will insert coin of Rs.10 or 2-coins of Rs.5 for one packet which contains 3-pads. Incinerator has been installed in all the 4 schools. This will help the children to destroy through burning the used napkins.... Read More

Installation of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine and Incinerator in 50 Schools of Purulia District and Ranchi

In rural West Bengal and in large extent to whole of rural India, menstruation is a taboo induced with stigma not permitting discussion or even not information seeking. Because of the shame and super stations associated with this biological occurrence, the adolescent girls and women are impacted by poor menstrual hygiene. As various report suggests, only 16% of women population have access to sanitary napkins in India. Access to sanitary napkins is essential because it means more and more girls can go to school, get educated, take up work and become financially independent. Based on the survey we approached Coal India to consider the Menstrual Hygiene Management project under its CSR umbrella in 50 Upper Primary and Secondary Girl’s and Co-education schools of Purulia. Under this project, we will Conduct Training programme for the adolescent girl students and  Teaching and non-teaching staff as Master Trainers  including installation of Sanitary Napkin Vending machines and Incinerators in 50 Schools. The use and throw convenience of disposable sanitary napkins , the aspirational aspect inspired by Television / Print advertisement and also the difficulty in managing cloth absorbent is instrumental in encouraging the rural women / girls to shift from cloth to disposable... Read More

Impact of our awareness program among girls of Keoratala Basanbala Girls High School

As an impact of our awareness generation program on menstrual hygiene management practices among girls of Keoratala Basanbala Girls High School, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, the school approached Rotary Club and Nirman Foundation to install sanitary napkin vending machine and an incinerator for use and safe disposal of the used napkins respectively. We are very proud and happy to share that the girls are using the machine... Read More